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In this section you will find a selection of questions that are commonly asked about the Christian faith. They might even be the kind of questions that you have.

Choose a question that interests you to find out a reasoned (though by no means exhaustive) answer which may make you think more seriously about your own opinions.

Do all religions lead to God? PDF (344KB)
Has science disproved the existence of God? PDF (376KB)
What about Genesis and evolution? PDF (327KB)
How do we know that the Bible is historical? PDF (221KB)
Is the New Testament reliable? PDF (267KB)
Is the Bible made up from the imagination of man? PDF (260KB)
Who is Jesus? PDF (111KB)
Why did Jesus have to die? PDF (117KB)
Is the resurrection of Jesus a myth or a miracle? PDF (81KB)
Why doesn’t God stop all the suffering? PDF (352KB)
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