Curious? is a 4 week course exploring the Christian faith.

What to expect

It provides an opportunity to listen to the evidence, ask questions and consider for yourself what the Bible is saying to you. The presentation is delivered by a table group leader who will present a power point talk for the table group. There is time for questions to be asked and answered throughout the presentation and its very informal.


We encourage folks to attend the first half of the service from 10:30am and then when the various groups go out (usually around 11:05am) just head to the small tables in the foyer area and you will be directed to a table group.

If you would like to sign up for the next course click here to email the office


The course looks at the following:

Week 1 - Is there a God, what is He like and why are we here?
Week 2 - Who is Jesus? – what does the evidence point to regarding Jesus?
Week 3 - Why did Jesus die? – was Jesus meant to die on the cross and for what purpose?
Week 4 - Jesus' Resurrection and our response? – Is Jesus alive now? How can we have eternal life with God?

Hearing what was said really got me thinking about how mistaken I had been in my previous beliefs.

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