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Coming to one of our services on a Sunday is the best way to begin to experience life as part of Cornerstone Church.

Visiting us on Sundays


As you enter the building you’ll be welcomed and will be offered a copy of our weekly welcome leaflet, and a Bible to use in the service. If you have any questions, do feel free to ask the welcome team.

Morning Service


Our morning service begins at 10:30am and ends at 12:05pm. Between 450-650 other people will be there, and there are specific groups for all babies, children and young people.

Evening Service

Our evening service begins at 7pm and ends at 8pm. This is a smaller service, with 120-160 people in attendance.

How to find us


At all of our services, we spend time worshipping God with the best of contemporary songs and older hymns, hearing about God’s mission in our city, our nation and internationally, praying together, reading the Bible and then hearing a 30-40 minute sermon to help us understand and apply God’s word to our lives.
Teaching programme

Newcomers’ Meals

We have regular meals to welcome people who are new to Cornerstone. These are either at lunchtime on a Sunday, after the morning service, or an evening meal during the week.

Newcomers meals

At each of these meals there’s an opportunity to hear something of the story of Cornerstone and about how you can get involved with the life of the church. They’re also a great place to meet with some people who regularly attend Cornerstone and with some of the staff team so that you can start to get know us.

Connecting with Cornerstone groups


We encourage everyone who’s new to Cornerstone to come along to one of our Connecting with Cornerstone groups. Over a couple of evening sessions, these groups will allow you to explore more of our history, our vision and our values. We hope that these groups will help you to get to know us better, and give us an opportunity to get to know you, as we explore together what it means to be part of the Cornerstone family.

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Small groups

Small groups

In a large church such as Cornerstone it’s helpful to be part of the life of a midweek small group. If you’re new to Cornerstone you’re very welcome to join one of our Connect groups. These groups have the following four purposes:

Pastoral care

You can find our more about these groups by coming to our next Connecting with Cornerstone session or by speaking to someone at the Connect area on a Sunday morning.

Thank you for making us feel so welcome at Cornerstone, we’ve really appreciated you reaching out and connecting us with other people.


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