International Students

Hi and a very warm welcome to Nottingham and Cornerstone!

Cornerstone is a lively church that loves to welcome international students, scholars, families and friends from around the world. Your time in the UK can be pressured with studies, but also a marvellous opportunity to explore the meaning of life and what you believe, or, if you are already a Christian, to grow deeper in your faith. Being far from your home makes it important to make good friends here and we hope that Cornerstone might provide opportunities to form meaningful and lasting friendships and be a "home from home" whilst you are here.

We partner with Friends International to provide a range of activities that we'd love you to get involved in.

  • Globe Café takes place every Monday in various locations. This is a great place to make friends, chat, and meet local people, as well as enjoy cultural activities. Find out more.
  • Mandarin Christian Fellowship takes place weekly. Get in touch with Friends International to find out more.
  • Philip Project is a training programme that aims to train Christian international students and professionals to both understand and share God’s Word. Find out more.
  • Preview is our weekly student ministry that takes place every Sunday at 5pm during term time and includes a meal. Find out more.

If you are new to Cornerstone fill in one of our Connect Forms by clicking here and tick "I'm an International Student."

Cornerstone provides me with love care and most importantly a family in UK. Here I am imparted with the words of God, through which my spiritual life grows stronger.

Xing Yue, 邢悦

Contact & Links

Keep in touch with us and find out more about what’s happening at:
Friends International Nottingham
Friends International Nottingham
Jubilee Globe Cafe

Find out more about your university’s Christian Union at:
University of Nottingham
Nottingham Trent - Clifton Campus
Nottingham Trent - City Campus

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