There are loads of young people at Cornerstone from all sorts of different backgrounds.

You are very welcome to join us whether you are a Christian or not. We hang out, think about the big questions of life, and have all sorts of random fun. We love teaching from the Bible, exploring faith and encouraging one another.

Our young people’s groups are - Gap (school years 7-9) and Plunge (school years 10-13).



On Sunday we want to encourage and equip those who are already Christians and to give those who are not yet Christians a chance to continue to investigate the Christian faith for themselves.

Gap-ers leave the main service at 11.05am, the same time as the rest of the children and young people, and head to the Small Auditorium.

On Friday evenings we meet in the Small Auditorium at Cornerstone from 7.15 - 8.45pm. Join us for all sorts of epic activities, relevant teaching and general madness.



Sundays are aimed at those in years 10-11. Leave the service along with the other children and young people at 11.05am and head upstairs to the Lounge. We encourage our sixth formers into the main services although never turn anyone away. Whether you would like to understand more about the Bible, find out what it means to be a Christian or grow in your relationship with God you will find something for you at Plunge. There are courses on discipleship, sex and relationships, books from the Bible and much more.

On Fridays (7.30-9.30pm in the Lounge), bring your friends, hang out together, get involved in all sorts of things. There is also a chance to explore the Christian faith and discuss together. Play pool, drink hot chocolate, get involved!

I love working with young people because they have so much energy and aren't afraid of asking difficult questions



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