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Real Lives

Stories. We all love them. Especially 'human interest' stories. It's why we watch soaps and TV detectives, or read novels. It's why we talk to people...!

Below are recordings of informal interviews with different people – some ordinary, some famous – but all with a story to tell. People who became Christians from an unlikely starting point. The interviews were recorded at the Passion for Life meetings in March 2014. Also provided are links to the talks by Roger Carswell, which revisit different eye-witness accounts of someone who met Jesus 2000 years ago. More stories, but the same encounter.

The Former Terrorist

As a member of the Ulster Volunteer Force, David Hamilton’s life was peppered with violence and murder. He will be sharing his story of how an encounter with Jesus in prison turned him away from terrorism to telling people about Jesus.

The Models

Christina and Shane Nearman are from the USA and have both worked all over the world as models in the fashion industry, in cities such as New York, Paris, London and Milan, and also running an organisation called Models For Christ. They will be telling us their story of how the came to know Jesus and what it’s like to follow him in a world focused on outward appearances.

The Comedian

Paul Karensa, co-writer of 'Miranda' and 'Not Going Out', is a stand-up comedian. He was a student at Nottingham University and will be telling us about being a follower of Jesus on the comedy circuit and in a life that hasn’t always been full of laughs.

The Refugee

Daryoosh Zareian was a Muslim who grew up in Iran. He fled Iran to look for a better life in the UK but things became hard and he turned to drugs before discovering his need to turn to Christ. He talks about the journey he took to faith in Jesus and some of the barriers he had to overcome along the way.

The Carer

David Donegani is the father of four children. Seventeen years ago, two of them were diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, meaning they would probably only live into their teenage years. Hear his story of what it's like to trust in Jesus even in the face of suffering and struggle.

The Author

Faith Cook, the author of more than 20 books, will talk about why it makes sense to still follow Jesus after many ups and downs in life, including a troubled childhood as the daughter of missionaries in China and now caring for her unwell husband at home.

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