Overseas Mission

Cornerstone is an international church, meaning we represent over 20 countries on Sunday mornings and support various international ministries. In addition to our main services, we host a Sunday afternoon Farsi service at 1.30pm and Mandarin speaking groups during the week.

International Workers

Bringing God’s message to people around the world is essential to our mission, therefore we support and send over 15 International Workers to engage in cross-cultural ministry in Asia, Africa and beyond. Additionally, several of our church members engage in local Christian missions in Nottingham that serve those in need of psychological, spiritual, and holistic support.

Chris & Kesia Pain (OMF, Japan)

Chris and Kesia are the Directors for Hokkaido, overseeing and supporting the work of about 40 missionaries who work on the island and developing partnerships with local churches. Chris is also leading an initiative called 'Hope for Business' that encourages local churches to reach out to working people. They both enjoy reaching out to neighbours and friends too.

Chris and Kesia's latest information and photographs can be found at:

Thorsten & Kerstin Prill (Crosslinks, Namibia)

Thorsten and Kerstin are serving with Crosslinks at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary. Thorsten is teaching while Kerstin is involved in college administration.

Below is a short film from the Prills setting out the extraordinary story of how God has used NETS ministry in prison and beyond.

Click on the links below for more information:

The Prills' Crosslinks Page (
Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (

Pete Stonelake (Niksic, Montenegro)

Pete is working with EUS (IFES Student Group) and local churches in Montenegro. He also works for the local University teaching translation between English and Serbian, and is involved in youth work at his church in Niksic.

Check out Pete's website:

Dave & Andrea Taylor (Malawi)

David And Andrea are setting up a 'business mission' organisation called Untangled. So far the journey has taken then to Malawi, South Africa and currently they are setting up the UK headquarters in Bedford. They help individuals in the developing world who are called to Christian ministry, but have no way to fund themselves. Untangled helps these individuals to set up small businesses that will provide for their needs, whilst also training them in ministry skills.

Click on the links below to see some short video clips for more information.

Video Clip 1 | Video Clip 2 | Video Clip 3

Alister & Sarah Torrens (Ukraine)

Alister and Sarah are working with ITEM (International Theological Education Ministries), teaching in Bible colleges across Easter Europe. Alister is also an active part member of a team of church planters.

In addition to those mentioned above, we also have a number of members currently preparing for overseas missions.

The amazing way God has provided for us these past 21 years as missionaries through Cornerstone always overwhelms me.

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