Overseas Mission

Jesus said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations...” (Matthew 28:18b-19a)

International Workers

Jesus commissioned his followers to “go and make disciples of all nations”. As part of our response to this commission, Cornerstone sends and supports some of its members to serve God overseas. As a church we long to see people from all nations having the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of the Gospel.

Chris & Kesia Pain (OMF, Japan) Caleb, Jonathan, Carys and Megumi

Chris and Kesia are the Directors for OMF in the Hokkaido region of Japan, overseeing and supporting the work of about 30 missionaries who work on the island and developing partnerships with local churches. Chris is leading an initiative called 'Hope for Business' that encourages local churches to reach out to busy commuters. The family also seek opportunities to reach out to their neighbours and friends, and is involved with the local church.

Thorsten & Kerstin Prill (Crosslinks, Namibia)

Thorsten and Kerstin are serving with Crosslinks at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary. Thorsten is teaching while Kerstin is involved in college administration. They are both active in serving the local church in preaching, teaching, discipling and counselling.

Below is a short film from the Prills setting out the extraordinary story of how God has used NETS ministry in prison and beyond.

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The Prills' Crosslinks Page (
Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (

Pete Stonelake (Montenegro)

The evangelical church in Montenegro is very small, and relatively young. Pete lives in Montenegro in order to support the local church in their outreach and discipleship, particularly of students and young people. He works freelance as a translator, proof-reader and web designer to support himself financially, and partners with EUS (IFES Student Group) in their work amongst students in Montenegro.

Check out Pete's website:

Dave & Andrea Taylor (Malawi)

Dave and Andrea have set up a ‘business mission’ organisation called Untangled. Untangled aims to help individuals in the developing world who are called to Christian ministry, but have no way to fund themselves. They are currently setting up small businesses in Malawi that will allow such individuals to earn an income, enabling them to continue their ministry roles alongside their work. Dave and Andrea also seek to disciple those they work with, to develop their ministry skills as well as addressing their financial needs. Untangled hopes that in the future further businesses will be set up following their lead, to enable more Christians to support themselves as they minister in the local church.

Alister & Sarah Torrens (Ukraine) Saphira and Thaddaeus

Alister and Sarah are working with ITEM (International Theological Education Ministries) to provide theological education to future pastors and lay people for the strengthening of the church. Alister serves as the Academic Dean for the denominational seminary, and oversees the operations and courses of a Russian language online Bible College. Sarah provides essential support at home and enables the hospitality and fellowship part of their Christian witness in Ukraine.

Luke & Christina (Asia)

Luke & Christina are involved in mission in East Asia.

R & S (West Africa)

R and S serve in West Africa. Their focus is on writing Bible stories/teaching, translating these into the local language and recording them as radio programmes. These programmes are broadcast widely on the radio throughout the region, allowing people to hear the Good News who might otherwise never hear it, and enabling isolated believers to receive Biblical teaching and encouragement in their faith. R and S also seek to visit and disciple a number of young believers living in remote locations.

Jane Kerrigan (Brazil)

Jane is a retired member of Cornerstone, and has taken the opportunity of this new stage of life to make use of her gifts in another context. Jane speaks Portuguese, and is spending time helping some past members of Cornerstone (Brazilians) in setting up a new church in the small university city of São Carlos in south-eastern Brazil. Jane is active in many aspects of church life there, but is particularly involved in outreach through English language teaching and assisting with a female students’ discipleship group.

In addition to those mentioned above, we also have other members serving in sensitive locations which it is not appropriate for us to list.

If you are a member of Cornerstone and you are considering serving God overseas, whether short term or long term, we would love to discuss this with you. Please contact the church office and they will forward your message to the appropriate person.

The amazing way God has provided for us these past 21 years as missionaries through Cornerstone always overwhelms me.

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