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Books by Peter Lewis

Becoming Christ - Peter Lewis

Becoming Christlike

God wants his people to become like Christ,' said international preacher, writer and teacher John Stott in a public address at the end of his long life. Peter Lewis is similarly passionate about the Bible's message - that God has a plan which centres on Jesus and includes each one of us. In this helpful and accessible book, he focuses on the source of Christlikeness, model of Christlikeness helps to Christlikeness, contradictions of Christlikeness and triumph of Christlikeness.

Here, the reader who wants to become like Christ will find radical - sometimes challenging - teaching, practical wisdom and warm reassurance.

Clear, compelling, biblically rich, and full of sparkling stories and meaningful quotes...I couldn't put this book down

Becky Manley Pippert

Visionary, Christ-focused, inspirational and a must-read.

George Verwer

The Lord's Prayer - Peter Lewis

The Lord's Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is an inspiration to millions. Down the centuries and around the world it has expressed the deepest longings of all true Christians. However, the prayer that Jesus taught his followers reveals something far greater the character and purposes of God himself. In this sensitive and often moving book, Peter Lewis shows how an intimate relationship with God is a reality that can be experienced today.

When Peter Lewis comes out with a book, the church is always enriched

R. T. Kendall

Peter Lewis is one of the most worshipful pastors I know. His wisdom, humanity and sheer adoration of the greatness of God shine though in this inspirational new edition of The Lord's Prayer. It isn't simply an inspiring guide to prayer but also a masterful, tender and powerful entry-level guide to the whole of the Christian life.

Julian Hardyman, Senior Pastor, Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge, England

The Living God - Peter Lewis

The Living God

The God of the Bible is the living, active and self-revealing God. He takes the initiative in making himself known. He is a speaking God, and he calls for a listening people. Those who listen in faith, he draws in love into a relationship that engages every fibre of their humanity and enters every event in their lives. This is a book by a theologian and preacher who believes that the first purpose of a biblical theology is to lead us to the feet of the living God. The book ends with the theme of worship: and attitude and activity that takes us out into the world to serve this living God and to make him known.

God's Hall of Fame - Peter Lewis

God's Hall of Fame

This book brings alive the most famous characters of the Old Testament – the ‘Hall of Fame’ members in Hebrews chapter 11. Dealing in the main with the subject of faith, this book enables the reader to understand the motivation behind some of the most famous characters in the Old Testament. The book offers biblical role models for healthy living and moves easily between biblical times and our own.

With his usual blend of spiritual scholarship and pastoral care, Peter introduces us to two lost assets in the Church today: the ability to stand in awe and to walk by faith. God’s Hall of Fame is packed with great theology – but you may not realise it, because it is all beautifully wrapped in telling phrases, powerful pictures, incisive application and a modern feel. Not just a good read, but a book of hope, comfort and vigorous challenge.

Brian H. Edwards, Former President of the FIEC and author

The Glory of Christ - Peter Lewis

The Glory of Christ

This book attempts to show something of the stature of Jesus Christ: to explain him but not to explain him away; to listen to his voice, not to drown it; to admire him, and to urge his uniqueness and his lordship upon a world so short of heroes and upon a Church which has put away childish things.
In The Glory of Christ Peter Lewis skillfully sets todays critical questions concerning Christ against the glorious backdrop of the goal of humanity and the sovereignty of God. With warmth and insight he considers what Christ claimed for himself and what the early Church claimed about him. He also gives close biblical and practical attention to Christ's atonement, exaltation and Second Coming. This is a towering book of pastoral scholarship which will richly repay careful study by Christians the world over.

Rich material from a preacher-theologian.

Rev Dr R.T.France, Principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

This is a good book. These pages will help many believers in their Christian pilgrimage. The blend of thoughtful biblical theology and pastoral sensitivity is central to the books strength.

Prof. D.A.Carson, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, USA

I wholeheartedly recommend this outstanding book to any who love Jesus.

Terry Virgo, Newfrontiers

The crying need of the late twentieth christians is to recover for today the foundational place of scripture and the centrality and allsufficiency of the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether in the study of the Pastor-Preacher or as a handbook for all who would be clued-up christians, or for homegrouop leaders and their groups, all these needs are gloriously fulfilled.

Alec Motyer In Evangelicals Now

The Genius of the Puritans - Peter Lewis

The Genius of Puritanism

This book is a wonderful introduction to the Puritans and their writings and pastoral work. Lewis deals with the Puritans as counselors, pastors, theologians, and in private. The section on spiritual depression is particularly helpful, and the bibliography at the back of the book alone is invaluable.

Books by Colin Webster

Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent considers how devotional time affects God, ourselves and others. A study guide; fly on the wall testimonies and suggestions as to how to put structure and variety into your time with God combine to offer an excellent book for Christians of all levels of maturity.

At the end of the day only the Holy Spirit can motivate us to want to spend more and more time alone with God. This book nonetheless should not only help motivate people to pray; it offers practical help – which every Christian needs. The goal of a prayer life is that the Lord will descend to each of us and speak to us ‘face to face, as a man speaks with his friend’ (Exodus 33:11). This book puts that glorious possibility into everyone’s reach.

R. T. Kendall

Books by Pete Brown

True Story

True Story

When Warren ended up in the school pond it was hard to argue it had been an accident. But at least we’d cleared up one thing: people don’t walk on water.

So…what are you to do with a man who did? A man who also healed the sick, gave sight to the blind and came back to life after being dead for three days?

Drawing upon funny moment during his own time at school, Pete Brown introduces us to the person who made the biggest impact on his life - not the school bully, but Jesus Christ.

This book explores some of the questions that occurred to Pete during an idle moment in a maths lesson: Is there a God? How can I know Jesus’ story is true? And what difference can he make to my life?

True Story is ideal for any young person seeking answers to life’s bigger questions. Its chatty and interactive style is an engaging introduction to what Christians believe about the true meaning of life.

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